Practical information for students with disabilities

Universities are constantly developing their support departments for their students.

This topic is constantly changing, as it needs a lot of improvements in Poland

Not every restaurant, office or apartment has wheelchair ramps. Most do have them, if the buildings are new, as it's the EU's recommendation. But be sure to always check that beforehand if it is of concern to you. All shopping malls and most gas stations also have dedicated toilets for disabled. You can find some information about accessibility of buildings HERE.

Unfortunately for students, not every faculty of every university will be able to provide ramps or escalators, but this is something you can ask about while applying for university or Erasmus+ programmes. Nevertheless, Polish universities are constantly working on expanding and modernizing their campuses. Below you will find information about the largest universities in Poland and links to their sites regarding information for students with disabilities.


Wrocław University of Science and Technology

successfully implements the policy of the university "without barriers", undertaking the hardships of obtaining higher education. Activities carried out by the Independent Section for Supporting People with Disabilities for the benefit of students and PhD. students include help in the organizational, material and emotional scope, assistance in the didactic, social and living sphere.

University of Wrocław

offers sign language interpreters, individual foreign language courses included in the study program, spatial orientation course, adaptation of didactic materials. More info HERE .


University of Adam Mickiewicz

was one of the first in Poland to implement the strategy of an Open University for everyone. They offer help, including special scholarships for such students and rational adjustments of their education process tailored to the needs and capabilities of a given person.

The University of Economics

The University of Economics has established special team to support students through activities such as support in the form of an assistant or support in the form of additional classes, including foreign language courses that are conducted with the specific needs of each student in mindy. LINK

University of Arts

Students of the University of Arts in Poznań can benefit from the support of a disabled person's teaching assistant. The student interested in such help selects the person who will fulfill this role. The assistant concludes a mandate contract with the university through the dean's office of the faculty where the student is enrolled in. An assistant can be a colleague or friend from the year or another person indicated by the student who is a student of the University of Arts.

A student's family member may become an assistant only in justified cases. The assistant is remunerated on the basis of the Assistant's worksheet. LINK


The University of Economics

The University of Economics in Krakow is open and friendly towards people with disabilities, so if you choose a course at this university you can be sure you will be a full-fledged student of the university and a member of the academic community. LINK

Jagiellonian University

The mission of the Department for Persons with Disabilities of the Jagiellonian University is to provide equal opportunities for students by developing and implementing rational adaptations aimed at equal treatment of people with disabilities in access to education. LINK


Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University

The representative of the Rector of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University for people with disabilities invites you to take advantage of free psychological counseling and consultations addressed to students with disabilities experiencing difficulties related to functioning in the academic environment (stress, emotional tension, sense of social exclusion, difficulties in integration among students, anxiety, personal problems, etc.). The scope of the support offered can be found HERE .

The University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw provides a range of services to candidates, students and employees, and supports teaching staff in the process of equalizing opportunities for students with disabilities. Detailed information about the services can be found HERE .


The Medical University

of Lodz together with employees and students form a community that goal is to bring change to the academic life. You can find out more HERE .

University of Lodz

The Academic Support Center is a unit of the University of Lodz, which offers tools for equal opportunities in access to higher education. The office provides help and support both in matters related to education and broadly understood activities in the academic environment in the field of psychological support, developing skills useful in studying and addiction prevention.


University of Gdańsk

The activities of the Office for Persons with Disabilities are aimed at students, employees and candidates for studies. They also support people experiencing mental health crises and people who, due to a sudden deterioration of their health, have difficulties in obtaining standard education.

Various types of funding and scholarships help people with disabilities to obtain higher education. Many universities also offer the Active Self-Government Program, the purpose of which is to reduce and eliminate barriers in social, professional life and in access to education. The specific objectives of the program include:

  • preparing program beneficiaries with movement, hearing and visual perception disorders to fulfill various social roles by enabling them to join the emerging information society;
  • enabling the beneficiaries of the professional activation program through the use of elements supporting their employment;
  • improving the chances of program beneficiaries to compete for employment on the labor market by increasing qualifications.

Grant amounts:

The maximum amount of the grant is:

  • allowance to cover the costs of education - up to PLN 1,000
  • allowance for the payment of the doctoral procedure fee - up to PLN 4,000
  • tuition fee (tuition) - the equivalent of tuition costs - co-financing above PLN 3,000 is possible when the average monthly income in the applicant's household does not exceed PLN 764 (net) per person

The allowance to cover the costs of education (up to PLN 1,000) may be increased by a maximum of PLN 2,600.