Student card

Did you know that you can count on various discounts thanks to the student ID?

Student ID card is a document that certifies you are enrolled in a university.

It is issued upon matriculation and is valid until graduation. It is important to remember that the student ID card is revalidated each semester.

The student ID on the front part contains the student's data and information about the University, which the student attends. On the back, there is space for stickers that are given in the beginning of every semester to confirm the validity of the student status. In many universities, student IDs are electronic, which means that they can be used also as a library card or a long-term public transport ticket.

If you are an exchange student, you should get the Polish student ID card after arrival at your receiving university.

In Poland, student ID allows you to receive many 50% discounts and is valid until the age of 26.

However, if you decide to start third-cycle studies, then you’ll receive an PhD Student ID, which allows you to enjoy discounts until the age of 35.

The most important examples include:


  • The discount on PKP trains is 51% and is valid only in 2nd class. The student discount is also combined with other discounts, e.g. for the early ticket purchase.


  • In some stores you are able to buy Apple products with a 12% discount on the purchase of a MacBook and a 10% discount on the purchase of an iPad,

  • Spotify offers a student subscription for 9.99 zł.


  • You are eligible for a discount in theaters, museums, galleries etc.,

  • Most gyms and other sports facilities offer special memberships for students. You can also acquire a special card that covers entrance fees to most sports facilities, for example MultiSport or BeActive.


  • Selected financial institutions offer bonuses for students - there are student accounts and special credit cards for young people, thanks to which you can get more favorable conditions for maintaining a bank account.

Other student cards worth to consider


The ESNcard is the membership card of the Erasmus Student Network, its aim is to support all incoming exchange students and trainees, that includes:

  • Erasmus+ students and trainers,
  • incoming international students or trainees on a mobility programme
  • outside of Erasmus+ and international undergraduate or postgraduate full degree students.

With ESNcard you can take advantage of many discounts - housing, sports, food, bars, transport, technology etc. - all over Europe. You will also have the opportunity to participate in hundreds of events organised by ESN sections. To learn more visit


If you decide to study in a country other than your home country, or plan to travel a lot, it is worth considering obtaining an ISIC card. ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is the only document confirming student status worldwide.

Students of state and private universities are entitled to all types of studies (full-time, evening, extramural, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies) without age limits. It entitles you to take advantage of discounts in each country and depending on the chosen option - insurance.