What’s next after Arriving to Poland?

Some tips to make your stay worry-free

What’s next after Arriving to Poland?

Congrats! You’ve finally arrived to Poland. The most stressful part is over but you may want to sort a couple of things out to make your stay worry-free.

Figure out the way to your university and contact the International Relations Office. Confirm your arrival and sign all the remaining papers. You’ll surely forget about all the paperwork once you get into the Erasmus craze.

Find your local ESN section. They will answer all the questions you may have during your stay. ESN sections also organize events for international students. If there’re none in your city, ask your university if there are any organizations that help foreign students.

Mobile Access. You may want to buy and register a SiM card. Polish mobile providers usually offer prepaid cards. For example, with Orange Flex you’ll get unlimited calls, SMS & MMS in Poland and in EU
roaming. You don’t need to worry about long-term contracts and formalities – Orange Flex is a fully digital subscription.  You can contact your local ESN section for receiving a special code for Erasmus students: first three months – 50% off for any Mobile Plan you choose.

Get together with other Erasmus students. Making friends as early as possible is the best way to make your stay easy. Attend your Orientation Days that are organized at the beginning of the semester as you’ll surely meet many people there.

Make the most of student discounts. Why pay the full price when you can easily get a discount? Tons of places in Poland, starting from public transport to bars offer discounts for students, find them out once you arrive so you know where to head when the budget is tight. You could also order an ESNcard for even more discounts!

Dive into the Polish culture and language. If your university offers one – take a Polish language course. Head to the most obscure Milk Bar (yes, they don’t actually offer milk) or ask your new Polish friends to teach you how to cook Polish dishes (PIEROGI!!!)

Learn how to navigate the city. It may seem really confusing at first, but with a little help of Google Maps and local students you’ll surely find your way around the city you’re in. It’s also really useful to get a City Card for public transport, ask your local friends about them as the terms vary a lot depending on the city.

Find the nearest supermarket. Sounds obvious but it’s better to know where you have to head when you suddenly run out of toilet paper.

Get ready to travel. Poland has so much more to offer than you might expect. Mountains? Yes! Lakes? Of course! Beaches? A whole lot of them! You’ll surely find something your taste while staying in Poland.