Learn polish

It is always better to know a few words from the official language of the country you are going to.

As a Slavic language, Polish is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world. But don’t get upset, it doesn’t mean that learning Polish is impossible!

A lot of universities organise a variety of Polish language courses for exchange students. There are also different groups and levels, and, as far as possible, the hours of the courses are adjusted to students' timetables. During such courses you are taught pronunciation, reading, songs, of course, grammar and real-life situations.

If you want to prepare for your stay in Poland, you can learn the basics of the Polish language on your own. Here’s a list of some common useful Polish expressions:

Formal greetings:

Dzień dobry - good day (jane DOH-brih)

Dobry wieczór - good evening (DOH-brih VYEH-choor)

Dobranoc - good night (doh-BRAH-notes)

Do widzenia - goodbye (doh vee-DZEN-ya)

Informal greetings:

Cześć – both hi and bye (cheshch)

Pa – bye (pah)

Proszę - please / here you are (PROH-sheh)

Dziękuję - thank you (jen-KOO-yeh)

Przepraszam - I'm sorry / excuse me (psheh-PRAH-shahm)

Tak - yes (tahk)

Nie - no / not (nyeh)

Nie wiem - I don't know (nyeh vyem)

Nie rozumiem - I don't understand (nyeh roh-ZOO-myem)

Introducing yourself:

Mam na imię - My name is … (YEhstem / Mam nah ee-myeh)

Jestem z … - I’m from … (YEhstem z …)

Jak się masz? - How are you? (informal) (yahk shay mahsh)

Dobrze – Good; All right; Fine (DOH-bje)

Nie mówię po polsku. - I don't speak Polish (nyeh MOO-vyeh poh pohl-skoo)

Czy mówisz po angielsku? – Do you speak English? (ch MOO-vish poh an-gYEl -skoo)


Lotnisko – Airport (lot-NEES-koh)

Dworzec PKP – Train station (DVOH-jets Peh Kah Peh)

Dworzec PKS – Bus Station (DVOH-jets Peh Kah Ess)

Jeden bilet do … – One ticket to … (YEH-den BEE-let doh)

Piwo – Beer (PIH-wo)

Na zdrowie! - Cheers! / Bless you! (lit. For health!) (nah ZDROH-vyeh)